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How to Make Employee Turnover a Problem of the Past December 28, 2018

You’ve certainly experienced high turnover at the least convenient time. It happens with every retailer. But, you can certainly minimize this problem and make it one that rarely happens at your store. You may feel tempted to rationalize,”Well, that’s how we save money. We pay a certain rate. And if an employee doesn’t work out, […]

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Top 4 Areas of Inefficiency in Retail in 2019 December 22, 2018

Do you know where you struggle with the greatest inefficiency in your retail operations? Behind the scenes, retail’s brutally difficult. You have so many people and processes to manage. It’s no wonder you have at least some operational inefficiency. If you’re not sure where you struggle because you’re already overwhelmed, these are some of the […]

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Top 4 Strategies for Marketing Your Physical Store December 18, 2018

Only 30.1% of holiday sales happened online during the 2017 holiday season says the National Retail Federation. With the way the retail sales situation appears, it seems as though the number would be much higher. So, that means 70% of retail sales still happen offline in stores. How do you increase your market share versus […]

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